Jala-Fox & Cornandbeans- "The Fugitive"

2007-08-02 05:06:05 by cornandbeans

Jala-Fox & Cornandbeans- "The Fugitive"

A techstep/neuro track with Jala-Fox; it's got some funky vibes and a pretty thick bassline. Props to fox for the sweet pads. ;)

Be sure to check it out!


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2007-08-02 12:27:13

woot!?! can't wait ^^



2007-08-02 15:12:49

I left you guys a review. Sweet track man ;) love it!


2007-08-02 15:57:05

techno sucks.


2007-08-04 05:59:58

Good job, Cornandbeans. I liked it, as usual.


2007-08-10 23:24:09

hey ian, its sam. from mypsace. lol yer i got a new grounds account now. i dont know wtf to do tho. how do i get "xp" points r8 confused


2007-08-11 20:42:24

Hey man, I enjoyed working with you on this one (even though i didnt do much), and I hope we can do more together in the future :)