'The Trip' (last.fm exclusive)

2007-08-12 13:04:52 by cornandbeans

This song was too long to be put on newgrounds, so I went ahead and uploaded it on last.fm...

check it out, it's good drifting music ;) I recorded some glass bowls and shifted the pitch on them... tell me if you can pick them out. The song climaxes about halfway, so don't quit on it even though it is 8 minutes long :P

'The Trip'


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2007-08-12 13:19:31

Awesome song. 10/10


2007-08-12 13:29:15

I have to say this is one of the most well made songs ever. Well done Corn&Beans. It was like an ambient temple where a silent wind blows. Your not aware of where you are or when because you get caught up in the feeling. Then at the drum and bass part it mixes well with the music already going in the transition. Then the synth came in and I was perplexed at how you managed all this in the time between your last song uploaded and this one. Really how do you come up with these ideas so fast? BTW noticed the bells at the end, awesome song. You probably don't get as much credit as you deserve.


2007-08-12 17:48:44

That was a nice song. The only part I didn't care for much was the synthesizers part that came on during the drums portion of the song. It was a cool idea to add them but I don't think they were pulled off as well as they could have. That's my only gripe about the song. Everything else was pulled off fairly well. Good job.


2007-08-13 23:28:32

u made so many songs!


2007-08-14 12:30:07

Now that we have an 8mb limit;

submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it


2007-08-14 14:03:10

Im with SBB
submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it submit it


2007-08-14 22:23:07

i liked the lazy summer days you have any more like that one?


2007-08-25 23:01:37

YO!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!!!
DUDE, you can submit ur song now. Its going straight to the top! YeaH!!!


2007-08-27 17:27:10

Your music is friggin' awsome....one of a kind...
Keep it soming.....
They need to use your music in FFR more......


2007-09-01 15:27:31

it feels like im going to drift away when i hear the song


2007-09-11 18:30:04

please man, please make a new song! I got nothing else to live for


2007-09-12 09:26:09

Son.... you are a fuckin Prodigy. seriously.

you inspire this old man to get to work every mornin.


2007-09-20 02:43:12

hey man, you've got some pretty potential beats yo. pretty cool tracks!


2007-09-22 05:45:47

Nice song!


2007-09-25 22:06:50

Though rather repetitive, it is a very nice song. Quite relaxing actually. I'd call that a song well made. I hope to hear more impressive things like this in the future. ^_^


2007-09-27 19:16:05

Suck my dick and/or cock.


2007-10-17 20:24:53

Dude, what happened to grind or timebomb? finish them.


2007-11-12 13:17:11

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2007-11-16 16:51:34

Dude I checked it out... and like all of your other stuff, it kicked ass!!
While I was listining to it, I read your bio at the top of teh screen and noticed you live in louisville - that's really cool because I live in frankfort and ive been listining to your stuff all this time and ive had you favorited for like 2 years now and i just realised your that close - just threw me for a loop lol - thought it was cool.. anyway compared to you im an amature but i still have fun, I'd like to know what you think about my newest submission if you get the time - it would mean alot


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