Two new demos from my album!

2008-11-24 20:32:31 by cornandbeans

I'm currently working on an album that will be out late fall/early winter. You can listen to a few clips from it here:

Tuesday Bluesday
Uncle Summertime

Other tracks will include reworked versions of my best songs here and at FFR as well as many unheard ones. At the moment I can predict around 15-20 tracks, but I can assure you they'll all be quality and well worth your money. ; )


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2008-11-24 20:37:19

Sounds like a lot of tracks for a single CD. Is it going to be a bunch of different genres and styles and stuff like that?

cornandbeans responds:

I'm going to have a bit more diversity with genres than usual, but there will be plenty of songs done in my usual style. It's going to be a digital release initially; if that goes smoothly than I'll start selling hard copies.


2008-11-25 01:30:26

Your music is great.Maybe I shall buy your album :x


2008-11-25 02:13:59

sounds great! cant wait to pick up the album!


2008-11-26 15:37:17

Will it be on iTunes?


2008-11-29 14:06:17

Thats huge news man! Good luck with your album, I know I'll be supporting it. It'll be for sale on NG right? Or is there some other site where I've gotta go to get it?


2008-11-30 20:51:51

The great cnb wants money now? Damn, there goes my free techno...

You gonna set up any of your new work here? Tuesday bluesday sounds awesome, and would prolly end up on me ipod.


2008-12-01 19:08:11

were can I buy your CD?


2008-12-05 23:23:13

Sounds like a sweet deal. Being Honest I might buy it. Just got pay-pal Need to blow some cash lol. I will keep on checking in for the release!.

Awesome work of course

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)


2008-12-09 19:44:23

YES, we'll finally be able to support you with money.
Be careful, though, you might want to protect the tracks so people don't just put them online.


2008-12-15 10:15:47

A victory! You got yourself signed, then?


2008-12-18 00:56:13

VICTORY!! Damn, there goes my free tunes.


2008-12-22 22:26:47

Late fall/early winter this year?
Is that still for sure or will it be delayed?


2008-12-28 18:13:41

nice work :)