Anyone looking for a musician for power of three?

2009-05-15 17:28:42 by cornandbeans

4 years experience, featured on the Castle Crashers soundtrack and Tom's favorite ng tracks ;)
Most genres are doable for me, although I tend to add electronic elements to most of my tracks. I also do sound effect design. Hit me up if you want a killer team! /77434 /156208 /237579 /97763 /108219

Artists and programmers, send me a portfolio of your work to

Add me here if you can as well:


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2009-05-15 17:35:05

fuckin great.....


2009-05-15 17:41:28

bookmarking this page, I'm a artist and I am looking for a team!
I am a leader and I am looking for a musician and a programmer!


2009-05-15 17:44:15

I'm a artist to and i am looking for a team also.


2009-05-15 17:44:20

i'ma lookin 4 u


2009-05-15 17:44:44

and by that, i mean i want you to be my musician


2009-05-15 18:22:44

What a lucky day! Im a musician seeking a musician and a musician!! Wait... shit...


2009-05-15 18:27:08

I am an artist also looking for a team. I sent you a pm with some of my work.


2009-05-15 18:40:54

excilent! i love your music!

i am a artist, and i sent a message to a programmer, i will see how that goes.
so i am looking for a team in general.

i have a lot of good video game ideas and i am getting good at flash,
if you want i can send u a .rar portfolio

add me and we can talk more if your interested.


2009-05-15 19:28:49

Dank and I have been a team of two developers for a few years. We have considered entering this, but we need a musician. I'm impressed with your work and have used your music in my games before. Our pages are below:

Our user pages:
chad-duncan -
dank -

Our website:

Some of my work may not look great, but I have worked on a game recently that I'm trying to get sponsored which I can show you if you ask. If you're interested in joining, please send me a pm.


2009-05-15 19:35:28

What what! <3


2009-05-15 22:23:45

Nice simple portfolio. Actually, I'd like to see your resume?


2009-05-15 23:08:16

check out my page its full of my art


2009-05-29 15:45:20

Hey Man :]

My style's changed alot from them ol' Sp1r1T days.

Just thought I'd let you know. :3


2009-06-12 11:00:16

Haven't heard any tracks from you in a while Mr.CaB

Bloody miss you. You better throw something up sometime soon :D