2010-10-05 23:52:03 by cornandbeans

Anyone wishing to remix any of my old songs, I've complied some FL studio projects and MIDI files for you to work with. Send me a message with the song you have in mind and your email and I'll get back to you with the files asap.

On an off note, be sure check my page in about two weeks, I'll be unveiling some pretty big news. ; o



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2010-10-06 00:18:57

cant wait!


2010-10-06 00:52:56

This is sick...get together some Rose and DK3 Breakbeat, I'd be down to remix either of those in dubstep and/or DnB fashion. I could do these on my own, but having the project at hand makes it so much easier lol.

But, there's a catch: You gotta remix my track Reflections. A .flp for a .flp is a fair trade, don't you think? (That is, only if you want to, of course... =P)


2010-10-06 02:11:39

oh okay then


2010-10-06 11:37:34

Can I have the midi to I Love Cock 2?

Nah just kidding, can't wait to hear the news :D


2010-10-10 18:42:38

Hey i am a bit interested in your songs but for a different purpose. Im making a Animation. Its about a galactic war between two empires. i need some space/ action songs.


2010-10-15 17:07:17

Project files are great, but I'd really love to see a Youtube channel with tutorials. I mean, I'd have a hard time remixing anything if I couldn't figure out how you put it together in the first place (samples, effects, etc) If you haven't seen Zircon from OCRemix's channel filled with FL studio tutorials you should take a look:

On a different note, any chance of seeing a Halo Reach mix from you? Your Halo 3 remix is still one of my favorites, and I'm not even a Halo nut.


2011-10-06 07:16:02

Its been more than 2 weeks :(


2011-11-18 01:55:25

I keep coming back everyday to see if you have posted something new. You are getting my hopes up :(


2011-11-19 06:59:41

If be two weeks you mean over a year, then awesome I agree


2011-12-11 16:59:59

*cough* When did you say?


2012-02-07 22:19:33

in case you guys never actually heard, he's got an electro house project up, and he's making it really big. would be what you want.