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music use + permission

2012-02-10 14:59:40 by cornandbeans

If you wish to use my music in a game/film/project/etc. by all means do so! As long as it isn't a commercial endeavor, simply giving credit is enough. All of the music I have uploaded to Newgrounds is under a creative commons license, which you can read about here: http://creativecommons.org/

If you wish to use my music in a commercial project or you are collecting royalties, contact me personally and we can arrange something. I still receive a lot of mail asking these questions, so I thought I'd clear up any confusion. :)


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2012-02-11 03:55:07

I second this. Id only be offended if you used it in some horrible hentai interactive game. In which case, I hope its bad enough to gain bad publicity lol.



2012-02-14 16:43:59

I want new trance songs from you.. you are my hero :)


2012-05-20 23:24:17

Why don't you make music anymore?


2013-01-29 03:38:48

He does still make music, but it's now under a new name, and done professionally. And he's making it big. search "SPACE LACES" on SoundCloud.


2013-04-13 13:02:32

Come back Ian! :( I apologize about my harsh review on your latest song. I was just a bit upset because I've been following your music for a long time and I consider you one of the greatest musicians of all time. Please, if you can find it in your heart to come back please do so.


2013-07-20 16:24:24


My reaction to cornandbeans absence.


2013-07-22 07:22:42

OMG! I just sent you a message about using your music for my Demo Reel and I see this right after. I am so happy.


2013-11-01 03:37:37

Where have you gone!!!? :'(


2014-08-25 00:38:14

:( corn&beans


2016-07-30 16:29:54

Where are you


2016-07-30 16:31:22

You havent submitted music for a while,so i hope you still make music. Maybe you submit it somewhere else?


2018-03-09 10:12:45

For anyone wondering, cnb makes music as Space Laces now