Generic myspace plug... and other stuff.

2008-01-28 21:11:49 by cornandbeans

So for those of you who have heard, my Newgrounds account was recently hacked. I managed to get shit back to normal thanks to some friends... But anyway, that's not necessarily a big deal now, I have my account back so I'm happy. :)

Recently I've stumbled into opportunities to sell my music; I know that's not what you really want to hear, considering that all of my songs here have been free to download, but I think I've improved greatly and you will definitely hear the difference. I'll still be posting demos and random stuff like that, but if I could sort of.... synchronize my myspace music account and my newgrounds account, that would be wonderful... considering the fact that full full songs will go on my myspace.

anyway, just add me and I'll keep you updated on my newest projects... I'm gonna try to be better at posting music, I swear. XD

hit me up ;)


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2008-01-28 21:39:33

Corn, I have pm'ed you will you please go read it! Thanks, St1k.


2008-01-28 22:06:02

hell I might just make a myspace just to add you

good work getting your account back, this place wouldn't be the same without your music


2008-01-28 23:02:38

definitely dude, you rock.


2008-01-28 23:46:26

Ha, I've already added you a long time ago :D
Great music though.


2008-01-28 23:56:55

Good luck selling your stuff. I'm sure there'll be people on NG that'll pay ya ;D
Just lately I've been trying to figure out how you made your songs like Midnight and Rose, they're one of my favs of all time, I've learned a lot from listening to your music, and your FL tutorials helped me a lot as well.

I have a myspace, but I rarely use it, but if I do get it up and going, I'll have to remember to add you.


2008-01-30 07:11:59

Bitch, you said to me you wer'nt submitting anymore... :P




2008-01-31 02:14:28

Putting your music on Myspaces without turning the "download" button on might be a bad idea. LOL


2008-02-03 07:57:35

Oh, you got it back? Good thing. But HOW CAN WE BE SURE THIS IS REALLY YOU??? >:O



2008-02-08 18:05:07

u kno how much i hate u juss cuz u kno how to make reece better than me... :(

haha man drum and base u kill everyone... especially me haha well i'm still learnin how to make a good base for DnB

right now i'll stick to classic dnb haha... listen to my songs if u wan 2...



2008-02-11 16:14:28

What labels showed interest? Breed-12-Inches? Or are you not that good yet? XD


2008-03-03 16:08:42

I definitely hear the difference D:.

I don't like myspace, and I completely forgot about you until know, just listened to your latest 4 songs and loved them :D!


2008-03-17 00:11:11

yay for yur account bac :)


2008-04-05 09:59:36

Great to hear that'll sell your music. It's great so you can. :D

I made some cd's. Actually I just took your good songs and put them together. It's fan made. 2 CD's. First one 48 min and second 39 min. :)


2008-04-06 14:08:15

helluuw ^^


2008-04-23 20:42:51

Hey! Glad to see you're back. I can't wait to hear the full version of {Motion}. You said it would be out this March but it didn't come out :(.

Drop in and give my songs a listen!


2008-04-23 20:44:38

Oh, yeah, also I wouldn't try to sell the music you already have out because then people who have the songs already will start an underground distributing system where they give everyone your music :).

Not me, though.


2008-04-28 16:22:19

!!! Paranorma V. 3?


2008-05-03 20:07:31

aww it got hacked?