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Glib - Unorganized Glib - Unorganized

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pure amazement

reminds me a bit of kingbastard's soundscaping; a little more melodic. I guess it's the familiar quality of the instruments. I love the keys in there, really warm and calming. Drums were really nice and minimal ; ) I've been going for a similar sound for awhile, maybe you could help me out :o

What program did you mostly use use to make this?

Glib responds:

reason 4

Color-Coded Killers Color-Coded Killers

Rated 5 / 5 stars


pretty sick man

thanks for using my beat ; o

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[ L o s t A t S e a ] [ L o s t A t S e a ]

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I'm loving the water effects at the beginning... The reverbed horns/fx were great. I love how you brought everything down around 1:00 with the subtle fade out. You manage to keep things detached without getting too spacy.

The minimal drums have a lot of color... ooh! Great acoustic samples, I wasn't expecting that. Smooth flow to em, that hi hat rings really well. I can't tell what's in the background, sounds like some vocal samples? :) I feel the song building in melodic quality around 5:45...

Keep it up man, I really enjoyed that. You've got a real talent for scaping atmospheres ;) Download and 5 no doubt.

Kingbastard responds:

hi man, thnaks for the review, they are vocals yeah, i had my good buddy 'matchstickman' put some backing vox to it.

[Clowntewn] [Clowntewn]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


cool delayed vox... the drums were really nice, but i think you could do without the "hardcore" vocal. makes it seem a bit cheesy if you know what I mean...

The buildup was alright, but I'd suggest starting off light with the snare roll. You could get a bit more stereo separation, the whole mix seems really centered. The bassline is nice, but try a bit more modulation next time. However... these are minor complaints and the song really stands out from a lot of other dnb on newgrounds.

Overall great job, I'm in a bit of a hurry; so I just wanted to drop in a word ; )

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Gusto responds:

thank you! means a lot coming from you , was checkin some of your stuff out the other day, its excellent. Some reminds of noisia which I love! :)

CrimzonWolf-Paradise Remix CrimzonWolf-Paradise Remix

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nice job... seriously.

the wood bass or whatever that is was a cool touch.
reminded me of an old epidose song... ; )

{Sunday Afternoon} {Sunday Afternoon}

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that was dill

I dig.

[GF]EverytimeWeTouch[GF] [GF]EverytimeWeTouch[GF]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

cool ;)

I liked the stuttering and whatnot. Just try to get some more original samples in there... I can see what you're going for and it sounds cool though ;)

-API- Bloodwax -API- Bloodwax

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this song sounds nothing like airbass at all

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{dj-N} Bitch Punch {dj-N} Bitch Punch

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fucking heavy man

I love the bassdrum pattern right in the middle.., what's the tempo? I can really see some dark dnb roots in there ; D

don't know if you were going for that, but I love it!

The Holy Invincible The Holy Invincible

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good job!

this loops perfectly. :)

I really enjoyed the choirs, and the theme is very adventurous. The snare and lower horns really keep the pace going.

haha this is really good... you should consider getting some new string samples though.

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