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I'm submitting again!...

2007-12-29 03:16:46 by cornandbeans

Yea, check the author comments on my new song Blinded. I don't feel like typing it out again. ;D

This song was too long to be put on newgrounds, so I went ahead and uploaded it on

check it out, it's good drifting music ;) I recorded some glass bowls and shifted the pitch on them... tell me if you can pick them out. The song climaxes about halfway, so don't quit on it even though it is 8 minutes long :P

'The Trip'

Jala-Fox & Cornandbeans- "The Fugitive"

A techstep/neuro track with Jala-Fox; it's got some funky vibes and a pretty thick bassline. Props to fox for the sweet pads. ;)

Be sure to check it out!

add me on myspace!

2007-08-01 03:34:07 by cornandbeans

I'll keep you up to date on new songs coming out, and if you just want to talk about general music production or need help, that's probably the best way to contact me. ;)